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SweatStop® Powder Stick Cinnamon Menthol para pies

SweatStop® Powder Stick Cinnamon Menthol is a worldwide unique foot powder stick against foot perspiration and disagreeable odors. Skin-colored.

Intensidad de producto (0-23): Instant
Contenido: 60g
9,83 €/100 g
Artículo el número: 9007

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Enjoy everyday life. Feel free and dry again in your shoes!


SweatStop® presents an innovation…


SweatStop® Powder Stick Cinnamon Menthol is a worldwide unique foot powder stick against foot perspiration and unpleasant odors. It is easy to apply with the industry’s first applicator stick making it amazingly convenient to use, compared to former foot powders. Also great are its skin-colored properties which leave your feet in their natural color without anybody realizing it. SweatStop® presents an innovation with several advantages for you. With its water-binding properties the talc powder absorbs moisture and thus sweat on the skin and ensures a dry feeling.


The new foot powder stick distinguishes itself by its innovative applicator. The use of the foot powder stick is easy and clean, in contrast to conventional foot powders: Due to the innovative applicator the powder supply can easily be regulated and applied on the feet where you want it while avoiding the spilling of powder and uncontrolled powder clouds as with former foot powders. Thanks to its direct and economical application the hands remain clean.


The application of SweatStop® Foot Powder Stick Cinnamon Menthol is discreet since it is skin-colored, which also distinguishes it from other customary foot powders.


Furthermore, this foot powder stick impresses with its innovative composition of selected ingredients: The enrichment of cinnamon neutralizes unpleasant odors. The invigorating fragrance of menthol furthermore ensures a sensation of freshness. Moreover, the powder stick contains skin caring and soothing aloe vera.


SweatStop® Foot Powder Stick Cinnamon Menthol is the ideal product against annoying foot perspiration. It is easy to apply and furthermore quite handy, thus it is perfect for traveling. Ideally you can use it in combination with SweatStop® Forte max, which reduces perspiration for 24 hours.

  • For her and him
  • Application area: Feet

The advantages at a glance

  • Innovation: New kind of applicator
  • Absorbs moisture; for a dry feeling
  • Enrichment of cinnamon neutralizes unpleasant odor
  • With menthol ensuring a sensation of freshness
  • Contains skin caring and soothing aloe vera
  • Discreet since it is skin-colored
  • Dermatologically tested: "very good"
  • Content lasts for many months of application due to economical dosage
  • No risk of spilling; hands remain clean
  • Handy, thus perfect for traveling, when feet need it the most
  • Appropriate for all types of feet
  • 30 days-money- back guarantee

Feel dry and free in your shoes again!


Powder-Stick 60g

Campo de aplicación
Intensidad de producto
Tiene efecto inmediatamente y manteniendo secas las pies hasta una hora.
Aditivos cuidados
Aloe vera
Protección activa
Effectivo contra la formación de transpiración y del odor
Forma farmacéutica
Polvo, sólido, en stick
60 g
Limpiar y secar las pies. Aplicar uniformemente en la planta del pie
Ritmo de aplicación
Si es necesario
Suficiente para
3-6 meses
Sales de aluminio
Con cinámico y mentol
Probado dermatólogicamente
Sí, compatibilidad con la piel muy buena
Garantía de devolución
Sí, 30 días
Fabricado bajo normas ISO 9001 & GMP
Fabricado en