SweatStop® Iontoforesis DE20
Artículo No.: 9030
SweatStop® Iontophoresis DE20, the "electronic Antiperspirant". Constant current therapy device for the treatment of excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) at hands, feet, underarms or at the face.

Artículo No.: 9030
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SweatStop® Iontoforesis DE20

Manufacturer: SweatStop®
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SweatStop® Iontoforesis DE20

SweatStop® Iontophoresis DE20 is a constant current therapy device with pulsating and constant current for tab water iontophoresis for the treatment of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) at hands, feet, underarms or facial hyperhidrosis (hyperhidrosis palmaris, plantaris, axillaris, facialis). SweatStop® Iontophoresis DE20 generally reduces sweating and thus odour after only a few applications.

Advantages of SweatStop® Iontophoresis DE20

  • Pulsating or constant current: Depending on the individual, the one or the other kind of current is more efficient.
  • No foot switch needed: As soon as hands or feet are dipped into the water, the current slowly increases to the preset strength. Therefore no foot switch is needed (as for most devices on the market).
  • No electric shock: Due to the slow increasing of the current after dipping the hands into the water, an electric shock is not possible.   
  • Secure application: The device can only be run by battery. When charging the battery, a usage is not possible.
  • Strong battery: A battery charge remains for 30-50 applications (1-3 months). The battery lasts for about 1000  charging cycles (3-6 years).   
  • Handy and convenient: The tubs for hands and feet also provide the compact transport case; the device is therefore perfect to go. The battery does not need to be taken out for charging.
  • Application underarms: Special sponge pockets allow an application underarms.
  • Facial application: Specially manufactured facial electrode allows a facial application.
  • Accessories for reorder: The accessories can easily be reordered in our shop.

Scope of supply

  • 1 SweatStop® Iontophoresis DE20 device
  • 1 power supply unit
  • 1 electrode cable (only for application hands/feet)
  • 1 case
  • Instruction manual

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